Elements Makeover Ice Princess


Far but very far away there is a dazzling kingdom of ice, everything is covered in white, blue, turquoise or greenish shades of ice, and this far away kingdom is reigned by a gorgeous and stylish Ice Princess, or at least that's what they say, kids! The Ice Princess has decided that it is about time she should get married and she has spread word in all the other kingdoms that she is in need of suitors. Lots of good or not so good looking princes are about to arrive at a grandious party that is going to begin at her ice palace and she needs to get ready to receive her royal guests properly, as a beautiful and fancy Ice Princess that she is rumored to be. As the royal beautician, make up artist and stylist of the pretty Ice Princess, it is your task to get the princess ready for her fabulous princesses and princes royal party playing Elements Makeover Ice Princess facial beauty game! From amazing skin treatments with ice, chocolate, ice cream and mint face masks and face creams to a glowing icy make up and finally dressing her up in the most glamorous princess gown matched with precious emerald and rubies princess jewelries, she must sparkle and shine in front of her royal blood guests. Enjoy Elements Makeover Ice Princess facial beauty game!