Ellie Gingerbread House Decoration


Christmas is Ellie's favorite time of the year. She loves decorating the tree and making the most delicious sweets treats, such as gingerbread. This year she will cook the best gingerbread house with the tastiest ingredients she can find. Join her in the Ellie Gingerbread House Decoration game and help her out and learn a new recipe in the process. The first step of cooking this great recipe for Christmas day, is to place in a bowl the following ingredients: butter, sugar, ginger and flour. With this ingredients you will make the dough, which you will have to roll and then cut into different shapes, which will become the walls and roof of the house. The next step of the recipe is to use each piece of gingerbread and add cream on it and then build the house. Make sure you add a good amount of cream to each piece. In Ellie Gingerbread House Decoration you need to use food colorant and cream to decorate the gingerbread house you made. Use different colors for the roof, windows, door and other decorations. I am sure it looks great, but you can use more candies and figurines to create a truly amazing house. Have the best time this Christmas playing Ellie Gingerbread House Decoration!