Elsa And Jack Date Night


Elsa and Jack are such a perfect couple! They love each other very much and they always love to spend time together. Jack loves to surprise Elsa and today he is asking her out on a surprise date. Of course, she said yes without hesitation but now she has to prep up for the big event. She could really use some help dressing up and getting all dolled up for her boyfriend and she wants you to help her get ready. If you would like to be a part of Elsa and Jack's love story play our new game called Elsa And Jack Date Night and start by creating a wonderful makeup for Elsa. You will have plenty of options for eyeshadow so try them all on, pick your favorite and then match a lipstick and blush to it. Add mascara and when you are done with the makeup go ahead and choose where the date will take place. Do you want them to go to a fancy restaurant or to a relaxed evening at the movies? Once you have chosen go ahead and dress her up in a cute outfit complete with accessories and finally take a picture of the two of them. Have fun playing Elsa And Jack Date Night!