Elsa And Rapunzel Festival Getaway


Play this game called Elsa And Rapunzel Festival Getaway to create boho chic or edgy punk style outfits for the princesses! It's the festival season and the girls can't wait to go to the biggest festivals of the world, such as Coachella. They need to plan their outfits ahead as they need to look trendy at amazing at these events. The princesses need two different outfits for the upcoming festival and they want to explore the boho and the edgy style. You will need to help them choosing some trendy and colorful hairstyles and outfits so start exploring the options. Braids, ombre hair, shades of pink and purple, try them out and see which hair dye and hairdo suits them the best, then try out different hair accessories too. As for the outfits, you will find some amazing creations in their wardrobe. The secret is finding the perfect one and also knowing how to accessorize them. Have a really great time playing this Elsa And Rapunzel Festival Getaway game!