Elsa Dish Washing Realife


It's a busy day for Elsa. She organized a festive dinner last night and now she has tones of dishes to wash. Would you like to help her? Play this new game called Elsa Dish Washing Realife and let’s get started! You will have the chance to get creative too, but first let’s wash the dishes. Place the plate into the sink, run the hot water, take the sponge, then scrub the leftovers and clean the plate, then use a soft towel to dry it. While washing the plates Elsa realized that she could actually paint and decorate them. You can get creative painting the plates in different colors, you can apply different patterns, draw on them with the pencils or you can apply stickers and stamps. Make sure to help Elsa wash and decorate all her dishes. Have fun playing this new game called Elsa Dish Washing Realife!