Elsa DIY Galaxy Dress


Cute Frozen princess Elsa has a great idea for a fun dress. She has a casual blue dress and wants to transform it in to a galaxy dress. For that she will need your great help! Start the game called Elsa DIY Galaxy Dress and begin by placing dark blue, light blue and pink color in a tray. Use a sponge to apply the dark blue color on the dress, then use the light blue shade and pink. Apply the last two colors with a brush. In Elsa DIY Galaxy Dress you can now pour white paint in a spray bottle and apply it all over the dress to create a star effect. Use small brushes with different tips and white paint to apply bigger stars all over the galaxy dress. Accessorize her look with a nice golden waist band, a golden necklace, black shoes with high heels and lace. Enjoy the game called Elsa DIY Galaxy Dress!