Elsa Frozen Flu Doctor


I am sure that the beautiful Elsa from the popular movie, named Frozen doesn't need anymore introductions as everybody knows who she is. This time, it looks like poor Elsa caught the flu from staying too much time outside in the cold blizzard. You have to take the princess to the doctor fast before her state worsens. All you have to do is use your brilliant doctor skills and follow all the necessary steps to make the Frozen princess feel better. The first thing you have to do in the flu treatment is check if Elsa has a temperature. Don't forget to listen to the heartbeats as well to see if they are regular enough, using the stethoscope. Make sure you also give her a coughing syrup and apply some nose drops to help the princess breath normally again. After she is better, Elsa will be able to enjoy the nice weather in the royal gardens with her sister. Enjoy Elsa Frozen Flu Doctor!