Elsa Great Manicure


A great manicure is really important for a girl and Elsa is no exception. She loves having her manicure done and looking pretty. Today she is ready to be spoiled by getting a cute manicure. Join Elsa and help her pick the best nail design. Start by washing her hands and treat any wounds she might have. Blisters are really nasty and Elsa doesn't like them so help her apply a cream to destroy them. The next step is to file the nails to give them a great shape for the nail design. Now, it's time to pick the nail polish color and a great combination is pink and blue. To create a great manicure pick a cute design such as little bubbles or strips. Apply rhinestone to make the manicure a special one and a cool snow flake tattoo or a cute ring will be nice too. Have fun playing Elsa Great Manicure!