Elsa House Cleaning


Elsa Frozen loves to have dinner parties at her house. She enjoys spending time cooking for her guests and entertains them. But her least favorite activity is to clean the house afterwards. Such a terrible activity and now she needs to do it again. Can you help Elsa Frozen with her task? I am sure she would appreciate your help cleaning the living room and kitchen. Start the Elsa House Cleaning game and begin. There are many things to do and you will soon see exactly what they are. Don’t worry because Elsa will help you as well and she will guide you. First pick up the garbage and place it in the bin. It’s a good idea to wipe the dust as well and pick up all the dirty dishes. The dishes should be washed with detergent in the sink. Elsa House Cleaning includes a part where you have to wash the windows. Have fun playing Elsa House Cleaning!