Elsa Make Sushi


Play this cute game named Elsa Make Sushi and help the Frozen queen test her cooking skills with this delicious dish! Elsa was watching a TV commercial of sushi one day and she got a big craving. How difficult could it be to make them? Help her out! Start by washing the rice and then cooking it in the rice cooker. It is very important to be perfect for a delicious sushi. Then cut the carrots, cucumbers and sashimi in thin sticks. Place the algae wrap on a wooden mat, spread the rice in two thin layers on both sides of it. Add the vegetables and sashimi sticks in the middle and a special sauce. Then wrap up the sushi in a roll and use a knife to cut it in equal slices. Finally you can help Elsa dress up for the dinner where she is going to present her famous sushi. Good luck!