Elsa Massage


The very cute queen of Arendelle needs to spend a day at the spa. She is exhausted and needs a relaxing massage and treatment. Could you help her? Don't waste time and begin the game called Elsa Massage! The first step is to apply oil on her back and rub it with care until the oil is absorbed by her skin. Next, massage her shoulders and neck with short moves and make sure you release the tension in her muscles. Massage her spine area with short and precise movement of the fingers. For her hip area try long moves and make sure she is comfortable. In Elsa Massage you can also try Thai massage, which is a special technique. Elsa Frozen will surely love it. Try hot stones massage as well, because it's extremely relaxing. At the end of the massage session you can add a moisturizing cream on her back. Enjoy Elsa Massage!