Elsa Mermaid Queen


Beautiful Frozen Elsa has been invited by Ariel to spend a day in her underwater kingdome. Ariel has a special potion that can turn anyone into a mermaid and Elsa is so excited to ecplore the underwater world. In her honour, Ariel is going to throw a big party and Elsa knows nothing about how to be a fashionable mermaid. None the less, she won't ask Ariel's help, because Elsa wants to impress her friend. Play this new Elsa Marmaid Queen game and be Elsa's fashion advizer. You will have to pick a lovelt hairstyle and there are so many options to explore. You also have to style up Elsa's mermaid outfit by choosing the color of her fin, and also by picking some fabulous accessories. Have fun playing this new game called Elsa Marmaid Queen!