Elsa Real Life Shopping


Do you love shopping? Of course you do! Who doesn’t ? It always seems like you have nothing to wear in your closet so we constantly feel the need to go and buy something new! And well, when you decide to update your wardrobe well, shopping is a must. But we all know shopping is expensive so you need money in order to purchase all of your favorite clothes. In our new game Elsa’s Real Life Shopping, Elsa needs to buy some new clothes too. But in order to get the money she must first work so send her to her computer so she can earn money through social media. Gather as much money as possible in the time that you have so she can buy more clothes. After you have your money it’s fun time! Send Elsa shopping. At the store, she will have a lot of clothes to choose from but you must be careful what you buy because you have a limited amount of money and you have to make sure she can buy a pretty outfit, and don’t forget to get accessories. We are sure you will love this game so come on and play it!