Elsa Royal Manicure


Princess Elsa loves to be pampered and she doesn’t miss any opportunity to go to the nails salon and get a cute new manicure. She knows she will be well taken care of and can’t wait for it. Start the Elsa Royal Manicure game and let’s see why she is so excited. The prep is first and she will get her hands washed, some  cream applied which will make the skin and nails super cute. After that, in the Elsa Royal Manicure game she will get her nails cut and filled and brushed to give them shine. Cut the cuticles and her nails are super cute. The pampering experience at the salon continues with the nail polish selection. Elsa has a  great selection of colors and patterns which she can pick from and I am sure she will choose something truly amazing. Enjoy Elsa Royal Manicure!