Elsa Skin Doctor


Elsa, the amazing Frozen Queen is sick. Elsa has terrible skin problems and an ugly rash on her face and she will need your help. Can you be her doctor today? Don't waste time and begin the game called Elsa Skin Doctor. She has a really serious skin infection which needs to be treated right away. Use a syringe to clean her blisters and a special tool to remove the pimples from her face. To help heal the nasty pimples use a cream to dry the areas. Clean her scratches with a cotton ball with antiseptic and apply band aids over the wounds. Make sure to wash her face with plenty of water and dry her skin with a soft clean towel. You will see that with the right treatment, her skin will skin looks great soon, and you can apply a nice makeup to make her look pretty, just the way she looked before this terrible skin problem. Have a really great time playing this new game called Elsa Skin Doctor!