Elsa Time Travel Japan


Hey Ladies, if you would have a time machine, where would you travel? End would you go back to the past or would prefer to visit the future first? I would first go back to the past, to the age of the dinosaurs and then I’d visit the distant future and see how the mankind progressed. But you know who has such a time travel machine? The amazing Frozen Elsa! She's been visiting so many spaces and sing she has an extra place you could join her on another amazing travel. In this Elsa Time Travel Japan game you can be her assistant and fly with Elsa through time and outer space to visit Japan. Hope in the time travel machine and start the journey. Make sure not to crash into a planet and when Elsa's machine runs out of fuel collect blue diamonds to gain energy. Once you arrived to Japan, you can relax at a traditional spa with Elsa. Have fun playing this fun new Elsa Time Travel Japan game!