Elsa Tooth Injury


Cute Elsa Frozen needs immediate medical care because she has terrible tooth aches. She is usually very careful, but this month she wasn't and she will need your help. In Elsa Tooth Injury you need to be her dentist for the day and make sure all her teeth are healthy and white again. She has to go to a party with her sister, Anna Frozen, and she needs to look good. You will need to clean her cavities with a utensils made specially for that. Make sure you don't hurt her, because she is very sensitive to pain. Use a brush to whiten the yellow teeth, clean the tartar, floss and remove the black teeth. In Elsa Tooth Injury you can replace the teeth with new healthy ones. Her teeth looks much better now and the pain is gone. Decorate the teeth with a few glitzy gems and you are done. Enjoy Elsa Tooth Injury!