Elsa's Frozen House Makeover


Elsa is in her castle, waiting for her boyfriend Jack Frost. He will arrive soon, but her house is a mess. Could you help her clean really fast? In Elsa's Frozen House Makeover you will first need to find the hammer, paint brush, roller, broom, mop and dust cleaner. Use the hammer to repair the furniture such as the sofa and table. Next, use the broom to clean the floor and the dust cleaner to remove the dust from the furniture. Use the mop as well on the floor and the room looks better already. The next step in Elsa's Frozen House Makeover is to redecorate the room with nice wall paper and other such decorations. Check out the collection of colors and patterns that you can use, such as a cool pink color for the floor, a green one for the walls and a nice pink carpet. Enjoy the game called Elsa's Frozen House Makeover!