Elsa's Valentine Day


Girls, it's Valentine's Day and Jack Frost want to prepare a great surprise gift for his girlfriend Elsa Frozen. The two of them will go out for a great romantic evening, at the local restaurant. Jack has three different ideas in mind about his gift and he decided to make either a Valentine Chalkboard Mug, Chocolate Lollipops or a Couple Necklace. Help him create the gift in the game called Elsa's Valentine Day! Pick the couple necklace and use clay to make the necklace. Cut a piece of clay in the shape of an egg and a smaller heart shape inside it. This procedure will create the two pendant. Attach a chain to each one of them and then color the two pieces with red paint. In Elsa's Valentine Day you will also need to help Jack dress up for the romantic dinner and it's best to pick a black suit. Enjoy the Elsa's Valentine Day game!