Equestria Team Graduation


The great Equestria girls will graduate today and they will have a great celebration. They need to go to the festivities, but they can't find anything cute to wear. Can you use your fashion skills and design something cute for them? Don't waste time and begin the game called Equestria Team Graduation! For each one of the girls, you will need to select a very cute hair do. Try curls or amazing asymmetrical hair does. Cute dresses are with ruffles and bows, which are very trendy and will make the girls look fashionable and extremely cute. In Equestria Team Graduation you need to decorate each outfit with a pair of fabulous shoes with cute shoe laces and high heels. For graduation you can also add a nice cap and cape, in black colors. Add a few glitzy details to make each one of the three outfits unique. Enjoy Equestria Team Graduation!