Fairy Farm Town


This fairy is like no other! She loves nature so much that she has her very own farm! On her farm she also has a magical pet that she adores: her unicorn! How special is that? Help her take care of it. Start by cleaning up the farm. Throw away the garbage in the trash, use a broom to swipe the ground from fallen leafs or dirt, smoke the beehive so the bees can fly away and you are able to collect the honey, cut the vines growing around the fairy's hut and use a shovel to cover up a hole with sand. Now the farm is clean, but the unicorn is still dirty and hurt. Use an x-ray to find the broken bone in his leg, give him some pain killers and bandage him up. Take care of his rashes, wash him up, brush his hair and give him some food to enjoy. Good luck playing Fairy Farm Town!