Fairy Unicorn Care


This cute little fairy was looking for lost magical creature who need her help and she stumbled upon this poor baby unicorn. She was lost in the clouds and very dirty. In this new Fairy Unicorn Care game you need to help the good fairy clean the baby unicorn. There is one thing you need to know about unicorns. They are very stubborn and they don't like to be touched...unless you distract their attention with butterflies and toys. Use the items in the basket to distract the unicorns’ attention while you help the fairy give him a wash. Use the rain cloud and the magic star soap to wash her, then use the wind cloud to dry her off. When you are done, it’s time to make this unicorn look fabulous. You can change her hairstyle, the color of her fur and you can also pick lively jewels and accessories to complete her cute look. Have fun playing this new Fairy Unicorn Care game!