Fairytale Baby Cinderella Caring


A fairytale caring is a baby's dream day. Baby Cinderella is looking forward for such a day of caring and pampering. She is so sweet and a joy to take care of. Baby Cinderella loves taking baths so start with that. Fill up the bath tub and bubbles cream. Wash her cute hair with a nice shampoo and rinse her hair really well. Add toys in the water so she can play while you wash her body. Use the fruity shower gel to clean her body and then you are ready to move on. With a soft towel wipe the water from her body and change her diaper with a new and clean one. Then dry her hair so she doesn't get a cold. Baby Cinderella is ready to get dresses in fairytale clothes. I suggest a nice pick dress and red shoes. Have fun playing Fairytale Baby Cinderella Caring!