Fairytale Baby Tinkerbell Caring


Ladies, are you ready to become a babysitter for the day? It will be fun because you will the babysitter for a lovely fairy. In this fun game called Fairytale Baby Tinkerbell Caring you will have to give her a bath, change her diaper, play with Tinkerbell and then dress her up for a great day. Are you ready t start this amazing game and have fun? If the answer is yes then start with the Fairytale Baby Tinkerbell Caring awesome and relaxing bath. Wash her hair and body with the best baby products and play with the bath toys together. When the bath is finished, you should dry her up and change her diaper. Don't forget to apply baby lotion and powder to prevent irritation. The dress up part is next and for baby Tinkerbell you should choose the cute pink dress, fun yellow wings and a pretty hairstyle! Enjoy Fairytale Baby Tinkerbell Caring!