Fantasy Nails


Meet Emma, a lovely girls who wants a nail makeover. She decided to head for the best manicure salon in town and you can help her. Start the great game called Fantasy Nails and use all your creative skills to design a wonderful manicure for a lovely girl. Start by choosing the color of the nail polish and the pattern. You can try dark shades or light ones, cute floral patterns or geometrical ones. In Fantasy Nails apply the color with a brush on all the finger nails and decorate them with glitzy gems. To accessorize the nail pick awesome jewelry such as rings, earrings and necklace. Pick golden jewelry, because they are very cute. For a wonderful manicure design it's a very good idea to try a nice hand tattoo as well with a cute shapes. For Emma pick nice pink shade for the lipstick and a cute green eye color. Enjoy Fantasy Nails!