Fashion Studio Fairy Dress


At the fashion studio we have a brand new dress idea. You will need to use your great skills to create a gorgeous fairy dress. You might think it's very easy, but you need to be very careful what colors and type of skirt you choose. Don't waste any time and begin the design in the Fashion Studio Fairy Dress game! Pick the shape of the top, sleeves, waist and skirt. There are many options, so try them all until you find the best dress shape. Choose a pattern and color for the fabric and you have a great selection from which to pick. In Fashion Studio Fairy Dress you can now mark and cut the fabric and then sew it at the sewing machine. Assemble the pieces of the dress and let the model try it. Accessorize the look with a fun hairstyle, wings, glitzy jewelry and many other things. Enjoy Fashion Studio Fairy Dress!