Fashion Studio: Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez, the amazing actress and singer has come to our fashion studio because she needs an outfit for her tonight's show. Selena is in a world tour and doe to an accident, her outfits for the show have not arrived in time. Luckily our studio is opened day and night and we are so happy to design an outfit for this amazing star. Play our new Fashion Studio Selena Gomez game and be the one who designs and creates an amazing outfit for the show. You might become a worldwide knows fashion designer if Selena will like your creation. But Selena doesn’t have much time left, so start designing her outfit. Pick a top design, choose the color and the pattern, add sleeves and then pick a fabulous skirt design. Make sure to choose the right colors and then sew the fabric. Last but not least, complete Selena's amazing outfit with accessories and make sure to be at the show. Have fun playing Fashion Studio Selena Gomez!