Fashionable Gadget Girl Makeover


Girls, we can't escape using all sorts of gadgets these days, and we don't want to, for that matter! So why don't we try to integrate all the gadgets we're using into our own personal style? Have fun playing our new cool game called Fashionable Gadget Girl Makeover and practice combining different gadgets with different fashion and makeup styles! Start with a facial beauty treatment using facial scrubs and creams and make our girl's complexion look clean and smooth! After you complete all the facial beauty steps, continue the makeover process by choosing the nicest colors for the makeup. Make sure they match the style and color of the gadgets you chose for our girl! The hairstyles and hair colors available will also allow you to enrich the overall style you create for our girl. Enjoy playing our new and awesome makeover game called Fashionable Gadget Girl Makeover and show the world your styling skills! Have fun and experiment with different gadgets and styles to find the most unique and beautiful combinations. I am sure the styles you'll create will be super cute and stylish! Enjoy playing our new game Fashionable Gadget Girl Makeover and improve you fashion and styling skills!