Fashionista Passion For Fashion


Hello little fashionistas! Meet cute girl Emma who wants a great makeover for her incredible date tonight with a beautiful young boy. They met and they liked each other immediately. That's the reason why Emma will meet him tonight for a romantic dinner in a beautiful restaurant. Join Emma as she prepares for her date and she will go to the Natural Beauty Salon for a facial, to the Pretty Face Make-up salon and to the Passion for Fashion clothing store. Emma loves to be pampered and she will get that with your amazing help. In Fashionista Passion For Fashion you will need to apply great masks, lotions and creams to make her skin beautiful and flawless. Emma's skin is clean and beautiful now, but to look stunning for her date she needs make-up. Red lipstick, pink eye shadow, blush and mascara will transform her into a beauty that everyone will envy. In the Fashionista Passion For Fashion game you will travel to the most amazing clothing store where together you will try the most beautiful and colorful tops, skirts and trousers which will help you create a glamorous outfit for her romantic dinner date. I hope you will enjoy our new exclusive game called Fashionista Passion For Fashion!