Find Me Somebody To Love


Help this cute girl navigate through a fun fair and find somebody for her to love in this cute new game called Find Me Somebody to Love! Alicia really wants a boyfriend and she will stop at nothing to get one. She made a plan on how to get one: go in a public space and talk to every single boy she sees until she gets a boyfriend. The more boys she talks to, the more chances she has to get a boyfriend. But it’s not that easy because she has rivals. Every other girl from her building is in the same position. They all want to have a boyfriend and they all stole Alicia’s plan. Arriving at the fun fair, Alicia sees a lot of cute boys and a lot of enemies. She has to talk with more boys, faster, stronger, and better for her chances of having a boyfriend to become a success! You can help her in identifying the right targets and the right time when she could talk to them. Have fun playing this cute game!