Five Star Makeover


Hey girls! Ever dreamed about getting yourself spoiled with the best beauty makeover? I bet you did! Girls love to be spoiled and use only the best cosmetics and beauty products. So does Cherry, our beautiful young lady over here. She lives like a star: she travels to the most exotic expensive places, checks in only at five star hotels and resorts and she wears the most luxurious brands. This summer, Cherry really outdid herself. She is going on a five star cruise and she will visit the most beautiful islands. But before doing that, she will spoil herself with a five star makeover. You will have to help her girls, and I bet you will have a lot of fun because we have prepared for you the most gorgeous dresses, accessories and jewelry. But before that you will pamper Cherry with some five star beauty products that will make her radiate and shine like a star. Don't forget to pick a lovely hairdo for her. You have so many options and colors that you won't be able to make up your mind. Try them all and make Cherry look really stunning in the exciting facial beauty game called Five Star Makeover! Have a fabulous time, ladies!