Fluffy Puppy Care


Hey girls! Meet a cute dog named Tony, so is a very fluffy and cheerful dog. He is ready for a great pampering bath, which he loves and you can join him! Start the great game called Fluffy Puppy Care and help the great dog. You will need to fill the tub and add some toys for him to play with and then wash his fur with shampoo and rinse it with water. Dry him off with a towel and drier and then change his doggy diaper. Apply baby powder and a lotion and make sure you comb his fur to untangle it. Next, in the Fluffy Puppy Care game you will need to use all your creative skills to dress the dog in a cute new outfit and to make sure he looks pretty for the day. Pick a colorful collar, a nice doggy outfit and a hat. Enjoy Fluffy Puppy Care!