Foody Party


Lilly has just moved into a brand new apartments and she is ready to celebrate the occasion with her friends over a fun foody party. She invited five of her closest friends to be by her side and she is so excited and wants to impress them with her cooking skills. The foody party includes a menu of pasta with a great sauce and some fresh fruit drinks. Let's help Lilly with the cooking and then offer her some advice on a great outfit for the party. Boil the pasta in water and make a sauce consisting of butter, garlic, asparagus and Parmesan. The pasta looks and smells exquisite and the guests will love it. Prepare some orange juice drink as well and now it's time for the dress up. For Lilly it's best to pick a fun and flirty pink dress, red shoes and glitzy jewelry. Enjoy a great Foody Party with Lilly!