Four Seasons Spa Day


Hello girls! Have you ever thought how it would be to enjoy all of the seasons at once? I think that would be a really great experience. So why don't you try it? In this new fun spa game that we have prepared for you, you can do that. First you will enjoy a relaxing spa part where you will go through all kind of treatments specific for each season: hydrating your skin for the spring time, an exfoliation and rain shower treatment for the summer time, hydrating your skin with pumpkin lotion for the fall time and a relaxing massage with hot stones for the winter time. And not only that, but we have a full wardrobe for you with fabulous clothing and accessories for each season. In order to unlock each season you will have to play a fun mini game. I'm sure you will have a great time girls! Create a chic trendy look for spring, summer, autumn and winter- the four seasons- and see your final result- the whole four looks put together side by side. Also, don't forget to pick a nice hairstyle and a great hair color for each season. Have a great time playing this wonderful spa game, get pampered and enjoy a cool dress up session.