Frankie Stein At The Dentist

I am sure you know Frankie Stein from Monster High and today she needs your precious help. It looks like Frankie Stein has been having lately some problems with her teeth because she ate too many sweets and hasn't been careful with her dental hygiene and now she needs to go to the dentist. Let's help Frankie Stein have a painless experience at the dentist and have fun! You have to first make sure that her teeth are cleaned and then you can get to taking care of those awful cavities. Also, make sure that you remove the dental plaque which make her breath bad and last but not least, replace the bad teeth with the good ones so that Frankie Stein regains her perfect smile again. For some extra style, you can color the teeth in the color that you like and add some dental jewelry. Enjoy Frankie Stein At The Dentist!