Frankie Stein Hand Doctor


Frankie Stein has a new adventure and she wants you to join her as she wants to train for the cheer leading team at the high school. Oh no! While she was exercising she hurt her hand and now needs to go to the local hand doctor for treatment. The hand doctor will first wash her hand and dry it with a clean napkin. As Frankie Stein has a few cuts, a bandage is necessary and, of course, an x-ray to determine if she broke any bones. The blisters from her hand have to be removed and using an ice cube the doctor will decrease the swelling. The wounds have to be cleaned of the blood and the deepest cut must get some stickies. Frankie Stein is much better after the visit to the hand doctor and now she can get a brand new and beautiful manicure. Have fun spending time with Frankie Stein at the Hand Doctor!