Fresh Start Makeover


Our good friend Sarah really needs your help, ladies! She is very upset because she broke up with her boyfriend last week. How would you like to cheer her up with a complete makeover? Enjoy giving her a helpful hand and some advice in our awesome new game called Fresh Start Makeover. Being upset and crying is definitely not good for your skin so Sarah now needs a facial beauty treatment to make her look fresh! Use all the facial creams and scrubs and then apply a fruit facial mask to freshen up her skin! Continue the makeover process by choosing some nice makeup colors to brighten up her cute face and help her change her perspective by creating an amazing new and bright hairstyle! Now that she already feels better, continue to prepare for a fresh start by choosing some pretty clothes for her to wear out in the city! Of course, you need to accessorize, choosing from the wide range of shiny or bulky jewelry that match her trendy clothes. I am sure you will give Sarah an amazing makeover that will make her look gorgeous and confident! Enjoy playing our new great game called Fresh Start Makeover!