From Wild To Styled


Hey ladies, in this fun new game called From Wild To Styled you will have to work wonders on Cindy. She is the member and lead singer of a rock band and she has a unique punk-rock style. Cindy wears pierces and she has a tattoo at her neckline. She has a punk hairstyle and green hair. Her favorite color is green and purple and on concerts Cindy is wearing blue shorts, a green top and a purple jacket matched with green high heel boots. In this new From Wild To Styled game you must help Cindy change her look. She has to look like a stylish young lady for a night and you must help her choose a lovely outfit and change her makeup. You should start with the makeup first. Remove her pierces and her tattoo, use makeup remover to clean her face and wash her hair, then change her hair color from green to lovely golden blonde. As for her outfit, you need to get rid of the old one a pick a new stylish dress for her, such as the pink and white or the lovely dark green one. Complete Cindy's fabulous look with matching shoes and accessories. Have fun playing this exciting game called From Wild To Styled!