Frozen Couples Selfie Battle


Elsa and Anna both have boyfriends now and then Frozen couple decided to do something fun today and  have a selfie battle. Help both couples out. They need to look extra cute for their selfies if they want to win. First up is Anna and Kristoff. Change their outfits into something colorful and fun, or elegant and nice. Kristoff could wear a suit and Anna a maxi skirt, or he can try a knitted sweater with reindeer prints and jeans and she could wear a colorful short skirt with ethnic prints and a crop top. Style their hair, let them do funny faces and add a cute accessory, like a reindeer plush toy and a pair of lace bunny ears. Next up is Elsa and Jack and you can dress them up in a cool outfit or a smart casual one. Don't forget about props! Have a lot of fun playing this exciting game!