Frozen Hidden Adventure


Elsa's home, the great lands of Arendelle, is completely frozen. A magical spell was used to freeze everything in the land and it will be Elsa's great task to save it. In order to destroy the powerful spell that froze her land, she will need to find the magical items. They were lost and you can help Elsa find the all. Start the great game called Frozen Hidden Adventure and help the Frozen queen with her task. There are three places in which you have to look for the lost items, which are Elsa's room, the woods and the castle. In Elsa's bedroom you will need to look around and find the magical ball, her silver crown, a magical potion bottle, her staff and a pair of white gloves. Use the hints if you need them and then move on the woods. In Frozen Hidden Adventure on the magical list of items that need to be found are also the mushrooms, a great necklace, the friendly troll and a powerful compass. When you have these items, there is only one last step and Elsa's lands will be beautiful again. Use the items you have found and save Anna and Arendelle. Have fun playing the game called Frozen Hidden Adventure!