Frozen Love Spell


Anna from Frozen is back in a new and fun game from Enjoydressup called Frozen Love Spell! Anna wants to find her soul mate and you will have to help her do that with a love spell. This spell consists of four ingredients and the recipe is a well-kept secret. You will have a challenging job finding the right combination from the many ingredients available. With your help I am sure Kristoff will turn out and win Anna's heart. The love spell can be made from many ingredients such as books, pots, jars, carrots, candles, clock and many others. Pick the ones that you think are correct and place them in the fireplace. Depending on the spell, a character from Frozen will appear and try to win Anna's heart. The right combination will reveal Kirstoff, Anna's true soulmate. You can try as many times as you like and with different ingredients. Good luck with this amazing challenge and bring back together Anna and Kristoff so they can share their love with the world. Enjoy this fun new Enjoydressup game called Frozen Love Spell!