Frozen Team Halloween


Happy Halloween Girls! Everyone is preparing for this wonderful holiday, including the frozen characters. Frozen Elsa and Anna, Kristoff and Olaf are organizing a big Halloween party and everyone from the Kingdom will be there. Anna has been busy sending out invitations and decorating pumpkins while Elsa and Kristoff have been busy decorating the castle and the ball room. In this Frozen Team Halloween you could give them some help because they didn't had time to think about costumes. Now the guests are almost here and the Frozen sisters have no costumes. Take a look inside the closet to choose a costume, and get these characters ready for the Halloween party. Kristoff could dress up as a Roman gladiator or a pirate, Elsa could be a nurse or witch and Anna could be a fairy princess. Don't forget about Olaf, you will find a costume to fit him. Have fun playing this new Frozen Team Halloween game!