Ghoulia Yelps Bad Teeth


Hello girls! Do you happen to know Ghoulia Yelps? If not let me tell you who she is. Well, she is the sophisticated zombie from Monster High who in the same time has a huge weakness for sweets. In fact this is so big that Ghoulia Yelps simply forgets to brush her teeth after eating them. That's how she got those bad teeth and now she has to go to the dentist fast. Can you give her some help? I am sure she will appreciate it very much. The first thing that you have to do in order to treat those bad teeth is to brush the teeth so see better the dental problems that she has. Next it's time to treat those horrible cavities that cause her a lot of pain too and after you're done with that, make sure you replace the bad teeth with some good ones. Enjoy Ghoulia Yelps Bad Teeth!