Girls Rock Party


American high school and college teens are well known for their appetite for parties. College time is the best time to get wild and crazy as there are lots of parties organized frequently in the campus. American movies depict the American life style as it is and when it comes to the American college life style, girls join sorority groups, where a party is organized almost each weekend. A sorority girls' party can have various themes. It can be a girls' sleepover party, a girls' exclusivist initiation party for a new group comer or a girls's rock party. These three popular college girls are the leaders of their sorority group and they are having a girls' rock party this weekend, where boys are also invited. Being a girls' rock party, the dressing code of the party must be rock clothes, studded rock accessories and rock guitars. You, girls, are invited to join these college girls' rock party and if they fancy your attitude and your rock outfits, these girls might even let you enter their popular college sorority group. Get a sneak peek at the girls' rock party wardrobe and have fun with the girls, trying on fancy rock tops, over tops, glitzy dresses, funky studded jewels and hair styles, playing the girls' Rock Party facial beauty game! Being a complex facial beauty game, girls' Rock Party initiates you into these girls' facial beauty and make up rituals. Once their face is cleansed of impurities, shinning with freshness, continue the girls' Rock Party facial beauty game with fabulous glittery rock party make up and funky chic rock party outfits. Enjoy playing our girls' Rock Party facial beauty game!