Girls Weekend Getaway


Join the Girls Weekend Getaway and enjoy this fun all girls vacation with your favorite Disney characters! Merida, Mulan and Elsa want to spend some time together so they have decided to go away together to a spa resort for the weekend. During the day they can just relax in the Jacuzzi. They can add aromatic salts in the water and some flowers, they can decorate with candles or volcanic rocks and they can get all kind of beauty facial treatments while they sip on colorful cocktails. Then in the evenings they can dress up and go out in the town, just having a girls' night out. Elsa could try some icy blue tips in her hair, she can wear an orange turtleneck cropped blouse and a high waist maxi cherry skirt or a leather little black dress with Arendelle prints and green leggings and she can wear crystal jewelry. Merida would look cute with blonde or pink tips in her hair, a green top with flower prints and a short red skirt or a cool blouse with cut-outs and a pair of purple shorts. For accessories pick feather earrings and flowers in her hair. Mulan can try pink hair, a yellow top and skirt with cherry blossom applications and a statement necklace. Enjoy!