Gwen Winter Real Makeover


It's winter time again and pur lovely girl Gwen must prepare for the cold season with a full makeover. Start by giving her a complete facial treatment. It is very important for the skin since the cold can damage it so much! The use the tweezers to give her eyebrows a nice shape. A bit of concealler will make all of her pimples go away. Now Gwen looks flawless thanks to you! Next it's time to add some makeup. A bit of blush will make her look radiant and a nice lipstick will compliment her lovely full lips. Aplly a mysterious eyeshadows to make her eyes look charming and some mascara to emphasize her eyes. After you complete the makeup level, it's time to find a wonderful putfit that will make Gwen stand out in a crown. Have fun playing Gwen Winter Real Makeover!