Halloween Spooky Spell


Halloween is Maria and Mark’s favorite time of the year. They love to dress up in funny costumes and go trick or treat-ing. They have chosen two amazing costumes: a fierce cat and an spooky mummy. This Halloween, they hope they will receive lots and lots of delicious and amazing sweets to eat, so they will even go to the evil witch’s house. Maria and Mark are slightly scared, but they would do anything for candies. Play our amazing new game called Halloween Spooky Spell and let’s see what will happen in the witch’s house. The witch has challenged the two kids to choose four out of six candies, which the witch offered them, and if they choose correctly they can continue trick or treating. In Halloween Spooky Spell they can choose tasty muffins, delicious gummy sweets, lollipops, jelly beans, chocolate bonbons and glazed mini cakes. In Halloween Spooky Spell the two kids need to choose with care if they want to exit the house and if they choose wrong, the witch will transform them into Halloween ghosts, witches, bats or they might just disappear into thin air. Such a spooky Halloween spell, right? Help them choose and make sure they can enjoy the rest of this beautiful Halloween night. Have fun playing the exclusive Enjoydressup game called Halloween Spooky Spell!