Happy Ending

A happy ending? A chilly spring evening, out for the afternoon with your close girlfriends. A major event is ending today. A lot of wolly, fuzzy fabrics, sweaters, scarves and coats for the chilly day are ready for you to put on for a happy ending of this beautiful spring day. Spend the evening in a fashionable and chic casual outfit and check out this pretty girl's wardrobe with lots of chic blouses, sweater dresses, funky overtops and trenches, wolly scarves, fashionable bottoms and trendy shoes which you can combine in lots of outfits for her to wear as a happy ending to any of her days. End the day in a fashionable and trendy outfit and show that you know how to dress for different times of the day. Assort your outfits with a chic woollen cap, a stylish hand bag or a cool shawl and some chic sun glasses, not forgetting the chain and the earrings. Dress the girl in trendy outfits for her evenings out with her bffs and show your fashion designer skills by designing lots of outfits from this trendy Happy Ending wardrobe. Enjoy!