Harley Quinns Friends


It is the perfect time for Harley Quinn and her friends to put on their villain costumes and go out on the streets and have fun. Harley, Poison Ivy and the Catwoman can't wait to haunt the streets on the spooky night, but for this they need to wear the best costumes ever. In this new Harley Quinn's Friends game you need to help the girls look great by finding the best costumes. You will also unlock achievements if you can prove your fashion skills. Start with Harley and style up her hair, then choose the most expressive dress you can find and accessorize it. Poison Ivy's signature color is green so take a look inside her wardrobe to find a stunning outfit. The last villain you have to dress up is the Catwoman whose outfit must be completed with a cat mask. Have a really great time playing this new Harley Quinn's Friends game!