Hatchimal Makers


It's time for the egg to hatch but what will it be? Find out in this awesome new game called Hatchimals Makers where you can make your own Hatchimal! How cool is it to have your own Hatchimal? In this new exciting game you have to care for a Hatchimal Egg and discover what your Hatchimal will be. Firstly, choose the colors of your Egg. They could be whatever you like, so go ahead and have fun with them and combine them hw you like. The next step is to take care of the egg. You have to clean it, put it under light and play with it. You'll even have to play music so that tha Hatchimal feels comfortable! You're almost done and your Hatchimal is ready to hatch, but you have to complete one last step: Answer a few questions to see what your Hatchimal personality will be. That's it! You have your own Hatchimal now, complete with a set o skills! Go ahead and share your new friend to the world and have fun with it!